Set Up Transitional Health Care for Your Release

Set Up Transitional Health Care for Your Release

Family Medical Group provides services in Texarkana and Wake Village, TX

Hospital visits are expensive and stressful. Once you're released, Family Medical Group can provide you with transitional health care services in the comfort of your home in the Texarkana and Wake Village, Texas areas. You'll work directly with a transitional care provider to plan your treatments and ensure you're getting the best possible care.

Speak to a provider about your transitional health care services by calling Family Medical Group today.

Get back into your daily routine

Once you've been released from the hospital, a transitional care provider will accompany you to your home to help you set up everything you need. From dispensing medicine to walking you through provider therapy, you'll have all of the support you need from our transitional health care professionals.

Schedule a consultation with a transitional care provider by calling our office today. You can reach our Texarkana, Texas office at 903-791-9120 and our Wake Village, Texas office at 903-831-6848.